Speech by the Honourable Minister of State for Health at PTF COVID-19 Press Briefing

Minister of State for Health
As of today, 21st April, 2020, a total of 665 people in 24 states and the FCT have been confirmed to have COVID-19. The 38 new confirmations are distributed as follows: 23 in Kano, 5 in Gombe, 3 in Kaduna, 2 in Borno and Abia and 1 each in FCT, Sokoto and Ekiti. 22 deaths have been recorded so far, and 188 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Nigeria and have been discharged.
2.The national rapid response team (RRTs) supporting the COVID-19 response in each affected state and 23 RRTs has been deployed.
3.We With the community transmission, we are doing active case search in communities. This strategy requires more testing kits and diagnostics. Currently, we are assessing additional laboratories for accreditation and will announce more laboratories soon.
4.We have intensified efforts in risk communication at grassroots level. The need to avoid mass gatherings without protecting yourself cannot be overemphasized. The use of face masks or face barrier that covers your mouth and nose has been scientifically proven to reduce spread of respiratory infection. I therefore, urge all Nigerians to practice hand and respiratory hygiene, avoid mass gathering and put on a face mask at all times. The improvised cloth mask will suffice at community level. Please, always wash, iron and ensure the improvised cloth mask is not dirty.
5. I urge all Nigerians to make this sacrifice for all of us and for our loved ones. Together, we shall stop the spread of the virus.
6. Let me continue to thank our health workers for the good work they are doing. Nigerians are grateful and say a big thank you. I also want all our health workers to be extra vigilant and ensure they protect themselves as they do their jobs. We shall strive as Government to ensure we provide you with all the necessary PPEs required to do your work.
7. For all Nigerians, please call the NCDC number if you suspect you have any of the symptoms or you think your neighbour has the symptoms.
8 Stay home, stay safe, and take precautions. If you must leave the house, practise physical distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene and put on your cloth/ face mask. In solidarity, we shall conquer.
Thank you.