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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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About Us

Vision, Mission, Mandate and Activities

Vision – To enable a dynamic and participatory public information system that fosters and sustains the overall growth and development of the country and its people.

Mission – To provide the citizenry with credible and timely information on governmental activities, programmes and initiatives; while creating an enabling technological environment for socio-economic development of the nation. 

Mandate – To lead the management of the image and reputation of the people and Government of Nigeria through a professional and dynamic public information system that facilitates access by citizens and the global community to credible and timely information about our nation. 

Activities – The day-to-day information management activities of the Ministry are conducted through the professional Departments of the Ministry which in turn has established organs like the Resident Information Officers’ (RIO) posting to MDAs, the Federal Information and Zonal Information Resource Centres. These publicise government policies, programmes and development efforts and collates feedback as expressed by the people.