Chinese Government Donates Some Items To Fight COVID-19 – FG

The Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire receiving the gift items from the Chinese government in Abuja.

The Honourable Minister of Health, DR. Osagie Ehanire has received a delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of China led by the Third Secretary, Li Guanjie who donated some gift items to fight Covid-19 at the Ministry in Abuja.

Dr. Ehanire stated that this was the third time the Chinese government is visiting the Ministry citing that the first was when there was a Covid-19 disease in China and the Federal government of Nigeria was warring about its citizens in China but the Chinese government assured the Federal government of Nigeria that Nigerians in China were taken care of which the Federal government of Nigeria thanked the Chinese government for their kind gesture.

He informed that the second time the Embassy visited the Ministry was when they came to ask the kind support the Ministry would want the Embassy to assist them with, which they brought some treatment protocol and briefed the Ministry on the update on Covid-19 in China which happened to collide with the time Nigeria is faced with the challenge threat of the disease.

He thanked the Chinese government for the gifted items donated to the Ministry in time that the Country is facing difficulties to contain the virus which we need so much because we are at the receiving end at the moment.

Dr. Ehanire congratulated the Chinese government  that its Country is coming out of the dreaded Virus threat which the Country is recover from Economic State and in Health.

The Health Minister appreciated their kind gesture and solidarity which his Excellency President Muhammed Buhari gave to the people of China by extending hand of friendship in their time of need and assistance and today you country is reciprocating it.

He further inquired to know how the Chinese government managed the situation at hand in other to assist the Federal government of Nigeria with their strategy. “’The journey to fight Corona Virus is not the journey that many people know; and it I only China that understood the language.” He employed the Chinese government to assist Nigerians with their Public Health experts for assistance and it will be appreciated.

He hinted that our Health System may not be strong as the Chinese but the federal government is doing everything within its power to strengthen the Health sector so that Public Health will reduce the incidence or the no of those who may require serious treatment to a manageable number.

He maintained that our policy is to strive for the best case scenario and prepare for the worst case scenario, in other to achieve this, the Ministry we require technical support, Ventilators, General Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) diagnostic reagent which was need for our Laboratories Primers.

Dr.Ehaniere stated that contact tracing is changing a lot of activities in the Country in other to reduce the mobility of the people and the risk of transmission. He informed that Nigeria would like to learn and know how the Chinese government were able to organise their society under a very difficult situation and trying to identify people who might be at risk through contact tracing and putting them in the Isolation centre for the betterment and protection of the society.

The Honourable Minister of Health extended his warm regards to the government and people of China for putting all efforts together in containing the Covid-19 and to support the Nigerian government more in future.

The Chinese government has provised to support Nigeria to contain the spread of Covid-19. The Chinese Ambasador, Mr Zhou Pingjian made this known in solidarity visit to the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ehanire.

Mr Pingjianwho was represented by the Third Secretary; LI Guanjie said the gesture is to extend the support the Nigerian government gave China during its stage of battling with the Pandemic.

He stated that the virus is a respecter of no borders, hence its importation into Nigeria, which has become a common human challenge.

The Ambassador gave an assurance that China would share its measures used to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Enefaa Bob-Manuel

Head (Media & Public Relations)

March 24, 2020.