Closing Remarks by The Hon. Minister of Information And Culture (And The 2nd Vice-Chairperson Of The 3rd Specialized Committee on Youth, Culture And Sport) During The Virtual Forum of Ministers Responsible For Art, Culture And Heritage.


Please permit me to most sincerely commend all the participants at this virtual forum of Ministers responsible for Art, Culture and Heritage for their time, their ideas and their commitment to uplifting our sector.

2. In particular, I want to commend Her Excellency Amira Elfadi, the Commissioner for Social Affairs, my co-chair, for her very succinct presentation of the summary of the
recommendations arising from the meeting.

3. I believe the recommendations captured the very essence of the forum. I have no doubt that if strictly implemented, they will go a long way in helping the Art, Culture and Heritage Sector to rebound, especially in a post-Covid-era.

4. Once again, please permit me to commend all those who have contributed, in one way or the other, to the success of the Forum. It couldn’t have been timelier and more appropriate.

5. Finally, I thank all participants for their great contributions as well as the sharing of best practices.
Thank you all