Congratulation to Mr. President for Presidential Election Victory

President Buhari

It is with a warm heart that I congratulate Your Excellency, President Muhmmadu Buhari on the well-deserved victory at the just concluded presidential election.

This victory is a testimony of the great efforts which this administration has put in place to restore confidence in the socio-economic and political sphere of the country. This administration has brought sanity to public institutions by a total adoption of the TSA and ERGP visions which helped to sustain the recovery from recession and growth in the economy.

This Government has no doubt restored the dignity of labour, honesty and transparency of citizens, developed the patriotic zeal of ordinary Nigerians, making them to become proud indigenes of this great country. Also, the massive construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures across the country have raised the collective momentum that energizes ordinary Nigerians to have hope in the ‘Next Level Agenda’ of Mr. President.

The diversification process embarked upon has given hope to Nigerians, especially the youths to envision prospects in the Agriculture and ICT sectors as avenues for engagement in the productive sectors of the economy. No gainsaying, the momentum in the ICT sector and patronage of indigenous software providers and local OEMs has promoted ICT innovation and investment opportunities in Nigeria. This has significantly enhanced participation across the full spectrum of the value – chain where deliberate programmes were built to enhance the capacity of Nigerians, enabling them to add value to the economy.

Invariably, through the leadership of Mr. President, the Broadband penetration in the ICT sector which stood at 18% at the inception of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure has gracefully attained a threshold of 31% with the promise of rising to 70% by the year 2021.
In addition, with the implementation of the Nigeria Content Policy; this administration has created a quantum leap in the patronage of indigenous content providers and local OEMs.
The Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu is therefore proud to be associated with this most progressive government which has remained unsurpassed in its achievements since the beginning of the 4th Republic.

Once again congratulation to Mr. President

Bolaji O. Kazeem (Special Assistant on Media) Writes for the Minister of Communications