Edo Govt urges employers not to lay off workers this period


FIC Report (Edo State) –  The Edo State Government has urged employers of labour in the state not to lay off their members of staff this period, but rather explore measures to support workers who are at home due to the restrictions imposed to halt the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, who made the appeal, said such measures were necessary because of the peculiarities of the fight against COVID-19, which has disrupted the world.

The governor assured that the state government has put measures in place to check the spread.

Noting that the state government has trained healthcare workers to attend to the dynamic changes required to arrest the spread of COVID-19, he said, “Health workers who are leading the fight against COVID-19 have now been trained, and they will man the first set of 50 screening centers, starting in the local government areas where we have experienced outbreak of coronavirus.”

He added that the government plans to screen up to 500,000 citizens in Edo over the next few weeks with the aid of two (2) additional testing facilities in Benin City, where the government plans to test up to 5,000 citizens.

The governor appeals to all citizens to join hands with the government to look out for, and take care of the most vulnerable and weakest persons in our society.

Daniel Ejodamen
(FIC, Benin City)