Ita Enang Urges State Governors to Engage Youths on Insecurity


ABUJA – (OSSAP-NDA) – The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Ita Enang (Sen) has called on State Governors to meet with all the youths in their States as a way of addressing the security challenges confronting the country. He made the call while speaking on Arise Television recently in Abuja.

Ita Enang urged the Governors to utilize the meeting to tell the youths about the various programmes they are doing for them, adding that they now have to apologise to them for the times in this country when the Government missed out on taking care of them which has made them angry.

“We need to apologise to them and on my little part I apologise to them for the little we did not do at certain times and please let us return back to the table. We, the leaders and elders have provoked the youths of this country. We did not plan for them, no Government in this country PDP or APC can excuse itself for what is happing now,” he said.

“When we were busy educating our children in the best of schools, what did we do for them, when we were busy thinking of the welfare of our children, the best love we can give to our children is to train the children of other people who will live with our children. Otherwise, they would constitute danger to our children and our children would not have peace and that is what we are witnessing today.”

He pointed out that the Local Government is not free and could not do anything in education as it ought to do because the money of the Local Government is not directly control by them. Enang lamented that the State Governments are complacent, noting that, the Governors from the beginning were happy to be Governors controlling money, while paying lip service to education and the welfare of children.

The SSA on Niger Delta Affairs observed that at the level of the States, insecurity would have been curbed, but now the country is bearing the brunt of bad governance, arising from the failure of the State Government to do the needful at the ward, Local government and the State levels.

“So, we are collectively reaping the fruit of bad governance at the State level, while President Buhari is now saddled with the responsibility of finding solutions to the problem. By God’s grace, he is providing the solution,” Enang revered.

Enang called on the State Government to take responsibility and stop pushing everything to the Federal Government as these problem is happing at the level of the Local government and States. He added that it is a burden in which both States and the Federal Government must shoulder.