Onu Advocates Science-Based Security Policy

Ogbonnaya Onu - Hon. Minster of Science and Technology

ABUJA – (Federal Ministry of Science & Technology Report) – The Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu has called for effective deployment of Science, Technology and Innovation for cultural transformation and the promotion of national security  in Nigeria.

He made the demand while delivering a lecture with the theme: “Cultural Values, Security, Science and Technology – Optimizing the Linkage and Opportunities” to participants of the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC)11 of the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) in Abuja on Thursday August 2, 2018.

According to him, the management of over 500 ethnic groups with different cultural values has posed a challenge to national security as witnessed in the numerous communal conflicts, religious tensions, social upheavals and economic conflicts. He revamped that the vision, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the science and technology community is all that is needed to overcome the challenges arising from the nation’s cultural diversity so as to promote national security and help build a secure future for the country.

“It is when this is done that we will be able to effectively face the challenges of combating insurgency and many other conflicts and safeguard our national security. Strengthening the dialogue between policy makers and scientists as well as boosting federal support for science and technology is crucial to national security and the prosperity of the nation,” he said.

“This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on national security. Science, engineering, technology and innovation will provide the instrument for cultural transformation and maximize national security benefits for sustainable national development.”

Ogbonnaya Onu stressed that the linkages between science and technology is replete with a lot of opportunities, saying new jobs and wealth can be created through efficient utilization of this relationships as tourism contributes huge resources to the economy of many countries.

In his remarks, the Director of the Institute for Security Studies, Mathew Seiyefa expressed appreciation for the insightful lecture delivered by the Minister, commending him for his patriotism and strong sense of duty. Also, the Deputy Director of the school, Abdulwahab Muhammed-Wali (Dr) in his address acknowledged that the participants have been greatly enriched and expressed optimism that Nigeria will experience peace and stability, in-spite of the propaganda and fake news rendered by the enemies of the country.