Oyo Kajola Group Blasts Osun Government on LAUTECH, Asks Makinde to Get Tough

Oluwaseyi Makinde

OGBOMOSHO – (FIC Ibadan Report) – An Oyo State-based socio-political organisation, the Oyo Kajola Group (OKG) has weighed in on the crisis between Oyo and Osun States over the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso saying the needless drama being orchestrated by the government of Osun State was unhelpful and condemnable.

The report from the Federal Information Centre in Ibadan lately, espoused that the OKG in a statement issued by its Media Coordinator, Adebayo Ayandele inferred that  reports coming out of Osun State in recent weeks on the LAUTECH issue show that Osun was bent on running down the school for no just cause.

“We are appalled by the unhelpful and condemnable statistics that have been reeled out about LAUTECH by the Government of Osun State of late. The target of such unfounded statistics is to bring the school to its knees and bring the future of thousands of its students into jeopardy, a situation akin to the Biblical story of two women fighting over a child,” the statement affirmed.  

“Of course, the real mother of the child would not allow harm come the way of the child, though the impostor won’t mind if the child got killed to prove a point. In this case, Oyo State being the real mother of the baby – LAUTECH should take firm decisions to save the school from impending crisis.”

According to the Media Coordinator, OKG has in recent weeks heard all manners of half-truths and unfounded stories about the payments made to LAUTECH by the co-owners. It reverred that Osun State in particular had released statements to the effect that it has been paying far more than Oyo State in recent years.

Adebayo Ayandele continued that findings have indicated that Osun State mixed facts with fiction in the statement it released recently, indicating that the Group has since confirmed that the two owner states of LAUTECH have since separately taken ownership of the two Teaching Hospitals. He explaindd that while Oyo had taken control of the Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso, Osun had taken ownership of the Teaching Hospital in Osogbo.

He opinionated that whatever Osun State spends on the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo should be its responsibility and should not be mentioned as part of the expenses meant for LAUTECH as an institution. He added that the Group has also  read with surprise a claim by Osun State to the effect that LAUTECH should by now be self-financing, since according to the statement the Osun State University established well after LAUTECH has allegedly become financially independent.

“Let us place on record here that no University across the world can be self-financing as such. The Secretary to the Osun State whom the statement was credited to must have spoken tongue in cheek just in search of excuses to justify the contempt Osun has for LAUTECH. We are aware that top Universities across the globe have survived on the huge grants from public-spirited individuals, governments and families to attain the status they now parade,” he reiterated.  

“LAUTECH is a school to be nurtured and we must bear in mind that education is not basically a profit and loss venture. Its social impact is unquantifiable and as such government subsidies are always of good benefit. We want to use this medium to urge the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde (Engr) to take immediate steps to save LAUTECH from the trap of death which Osun State has set for it.”

He referenced the Oyo State Governor in saying that LAUTECH is dear to Oyo State and to the people of Ogbomoso. Adding, since Osun State has shown that it is only out to bleed the school to death, Oyo should not hesitate to take up the responsibility of paying the fees needed to run the school, whilst the legal issues around ownership are practically sorted.

Ayandele implored the Oyo State Governor to take every stepto necessary to ensure that LAUTECH is not plunged into academic chaos once again. He described as certain that Osun State has shown enough disdain for the progress of LAUTECH, maintaining that its determination to cripple the school must be condemned and resisted by all well-meaning Nigerians.