Senate in session (12/12/19)


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Senate President Presiding

Prayer/Commencement: 11:35am

Votes and Proceedings of Tuesday, December 10, 2019, approved (Moved by Sen Albert, Bassey Akpan Seconded by Sen. Oloriegbe, Yahaya Ibrahimi)

Point of Order

Orders 42 and 52

  1. Chukwuka Utazi sought and was granted the leave of the Senate to move a motion on the 2019 International Universal Health Coverage Day.

The motion was approved for presentation and taken.

The Senate resolved to:

  1. Urge the Federal Government to consider removing health and education from the yearly budgetary ceilings of the Budget and Planning Ministry if we are to cover appreciable mileage in the race to accomplishing universal health coverage by 2030;
  2. Bear in mind that since the universal health coverage attainment by year 2030 is anchored on effective Primary Health Care delivery it presupposing that if we want quality health personnel to reside in the rural areas, that government on all levels must of necessity have in place basic infrastructure such as electricity, potable water, motorable roads, good schools, decent accommodation and security in rural areas;
  3. Urge the private sector not to leave the funding of Nigeria’s health sector to the government alone if the attainment of the universal health coverage by 2030 would not be a pipe dream and doomed to failure;
  4. Urge all states in the federation that have not yet enacted laws on national health insurance to do so without further delays and for those that have already done so but have not yet activated the law for the benefit of the citizens should go ahead and do it in line with this year’s theme of “Keeping the Promise” with the people in the actualization of Universal Health Coverage by 2030;
  5. Urge all states that would be benefitting from the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund to, first of all, lay out a comprehensive work plan for the utilization of the funds that will come to them ahead of anticipated releases; and
  6. Urge the funds disbursing authorities, the National Health Insurance Scheme and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency to ensure strict routine, monitoring and supervision of funds utilization by the recipient states and to sanction any defaulting state found wanting, since at the heart of making a success of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund and the Universal Health Coverage is the availability of basic health care to all, wherever they live without suffering financial hardship.

Order 43

  1. Bamidele Opeyemi sought for and was granted the leave of the Senate to draw the attention of the Senate to the alleged unlawful invasion of the Court by alleged staff of the Department of State Security Service.

The Senate mandated the Committee on Judiciary to investigate the matter and report back in one week.


  1. Federal Polytechnic Kwale (Est, etc) Bill, 2019 (SB. 297) – First Reading

Sen. Abdullahi, Yahaya Abubakar (Kebbi North).

Stood down

  1. Institute of Rice Research and Development Bill, 2019 (SB. 228) – First Reading

Sen. Ubah, Ifeanyi Patrick (Anambra South).

First Reading taken

  1. Federal Revenue Enforcement Corps of Nigeria (Est, etc) Bill, 2019 (SB. 264) – First Reading

Sen. Adamu, Muhammad Aleiro (Kebbi Central).

First Reading taken

  1. University of Maritime Studies, Oron (Est, etc) Bill, 2019 (SB. 265 – First Reading

Sen. Eyakenyi, Akon Etim (Akwa-Ibom South).

First Reading taken

  1. National Institute of Border Studies Imeko (Est, etc) Bill, 2019 (SB. 266) – First Reading

Sen. Odebiyi, Tolulope Akinremi (Ogun West).

First Reading taken

  1. National Sports Development Fund (Est, etc) Bill, 2019 (SB. 268) -First Reading

Sen. Ogba, Joseph Obinna (Ebonyi Central).

First Reading taken



  1. A Bill for an Act to authorize the issue from the Federal Capital Territory Administration Statutory Revenue Fund of the Federal Capital Territory Administration Account, the total sum of N232, 875, 365, 947.00 (Two Hundred and Thirty-Two Billion, Eight Hundred and Seventy-Five Million, Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Forty-Seven Naira) only, of which the sum of N53, 876, 241, 095.00 (Fifty-Three Billion, Eight Hundred and Seventy-Six Million, Two Hundred and Forty-One Thousand and Ninety-Five Naira) only is for Personnel Costs and the sum of N57, 070, 343, 435.00 (Fifty-Seven Billion and Seventy Million, Three Hundred and Forty-Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty-Five Naira) only is for Overhead Costs while the balance of N121, 928, 781, 417.00 (One Hundred and Twenty One Billion, Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight Million, Seven Hundred and Eighty One Thousand, Four Hundred and Seventeen Naira) only is for Capital Projects for the service of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, for the financial year commencing from 1st January and ending on 31st December, 2020 (SB. 270)

Sen. Abdullahi, Yahaya Abubakar

Lead debate by Senate Leader.

Second reading taken and referred to the Senate Committee on FCT to report back on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

  1. A Bill for an Act to repeal the National Health Insurance Scheme Act, CAP N42 LFN 2004 and to enact National Health Insurance Commission, 2019 (SB.65) – Second Reading.

Sen. Oloriegbe, Yahaya Ibrahimi

Lead debate by Sen. Oloriegbe, Yahaya Ibrahimi (Kwara Central).

Second reading taken and referred to the Senate Committee on Health to report back in four weeks.

  1. A Bill for an Act to amend the Police Act CAP p19 LFN 2004 and expunge the gender discrimination provisions of regulations 122, 123, 124 and 127 for other related matters, 2019 (B.87) – Second Reading

Sen. Onyewuchi, Ezenwa Francis

Lead debate by Sen Onyewuchi, Ezenwa Francis (Imo East).

Second reading taken and referred to the Senate Committee on Police Affairs to report back in four weeks.

The Senate adjourned at 1:52 pm to resume on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 10:00 am prompt.

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