Supplementary Application for Project Grow 100

Hon. Min. of Youth and Sports

In November 2020, Tiimafrica in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development called for applications from Nigerian youth who run businesses, to apply for a one time grant worth $5,000. The grant, aptly named Project Grow 100, was aimed at empowering 100 Nigerian youth-owned businesses.

Over the past few weeks, the foundation has worked ceaselessly in sifting through the pool of applications to compile a list of 100 applicants, eligible for the grant as earlier advertised.

However, after careful examination of all applications submitted, applicants who met the stated criteria were less than 50, as opposed to the intended 100. As a result, a supplementary application process will be opened for more applicants to access. Additionally, the list of screened, eligible applicants will be published and funds disbursed appropriately.

When reopened, the application portal will accept supplementary applications from business owners who are still interested but could not meet up the last application deadline and who have the necessary requirements to apply within this period.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:
1. Nigerian between age 25-35
2. Must be running a business within Nigeria
3. Have 6 month minimum financial records.

Ramon Balogun