Full Speech: Virtual Inauguration of the Implementation Commitee for Post Covid-19 Initiatives Committee on the Creative Industry by HMIC, Alh. Lai Mohammed



Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

2.  We are here today for the virtual inauguration of the Implementation Committee for the Post-Covid-19 Initiatives Committee on the Creative Industry. Recall that on July 3rd 2020, the Post-Covid-19 Initiatives Committee submitted its report to me.

3.   On that occasion, I did promise that we will study the report with the same seriousness that the committee employed in preparing it, with a view to ensuring its full implementation. We have indeed studied the report, and I can tell you that it is nothing short of phenomenal! The Committee went beyond the call of duty to do a complete mapping of the Creative Industry, like it has never been done before. We remain grateful to all the members for their diligence and patriotism.

4.   In order to ensure a diligent implementation of the report, we have assembled a five-member Implementation Committee, which is being inaugurated today. The members are:

a). Otunba Segun Runsewe (Chairman)

b). Ali Baba (Deputy Chairman)

c). Anita Eboigbe

d). Baba Agba

e). Joe Mutah (Secretary)

5.   The Terms of Reference of the Implementation Committee are:

  Design an implementation plan on immediate and short-term relief for the Creative Industry in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic (Short Term)

– Design a Policy Framework for Tax Relief for the various sectors in the Creative Industry, if it is identified as one of the measures aimed at achieving immediate and short-term relief for the Industry

– Work out a detailed implementation plan for a long-term intervention for the overall development of the Creative industry in Nigeria (long term)

6.   The committee has six weeks to submit its report. In view of the enormity of the work involved, I will not be surprised if this committee seeks an extension of the duration of work. If that happens, I will not hesitate to grant such.

7.   I have no doubt that this Implementation Committee will approach its assignment with a great sense of duty, realizing that the development and growth of the Creative Industry – which is the second biggest job creator after Agriculture – rest on their shoulders.

8.   I thank you all for your kind attention.